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An API for Missing Persons

posted almost 9 years ago - 1 min read

At the most recent Seattle Startup Weekend, I worked on an awesome team developing 404kids.

The core of our product is a widget you can embed on your 404 page that will display a missing persons ad relevant to your visitor's location. To use our widget, here's the entirety of the code you need:

<script id='kids404-script' src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/404kids/src/embed.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

To make our site work, we run a daily crawl of the Center for Missing & Exploited Children to update our database. All of our code is open source, and you can view the code for our scraper. It involves consuming a non-public search API and isn't very developer friendly.

We're excited to announce that we're now exposing our data with an easy-to-use API. Check out the documentation on Github!

It's important to note that our dataset only includes missing persons from the USA at the moment. Our project is open source, so if you'd like to start contributing, feel free to ask us questions or open a pull request!

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